A ' Cheyenne Legend' Has a New Home
by Karen Cotton Wyoming Tribune Eagle

As local musician Michael DeGreve closed in on his 30th anniversary of playing at the Hitching Post Inn, the new owners told him he wouldn’t be performing there any longer.

Long time DeGreve fans needn’t worry though, as he has found a new home at Game On Sports Bar and Grill.

“ They put on their TV ad that Michael has found a new home,” DeGreve said of the Game On Sports Bar and Grill. “They couldn’t try any harder, or have given ant more support.”

Recently the owners of the bar built a stage and put in a new dance floor.

Brian Leneschmidt, a fellow local musician, said at the time DeGreve left the Hitch, the game On Sports Bar and Grill was expanding its live music.

Leneschmidt told the bar owners about DeGreve. They said they were looking for more live music, and after DeGreve’s nearly 30-year gig in Cheyenne, he still had a built in audience without a home.

DeGreve said the game On Sports bar and grill has returned to its roots as the bar once was, a great musical venue when it was known as the Mayflower.

“It’s a resurrection of that,” DeGreve said.

Lori Fischer, the co-owner of Game On, said DeGreve has a unique style and a lot of fans who follow him.

The other reason for DeGreve at the bar is, “Cause he’s like a Cheyenne legend, and he wasn’t doing anything after 30 years.”

DeGreve said he has already had a mixture of people supporting him.

“There are people who just like to go downtown,” DeGreve said.

The live music scene continues to grow downtown.

“ You get more business back downtown like it should be,” Fischer said about the scene.

DeGreve said with the Cheyenne Club adding live music and the Crown Bar hosting live music, it gives people a chance to resurrect downtown as a live music scene.

“ A lot of clubs were hurt by the no smoking ban, and they’re trying to rebuild and resurrect the scene’” DeGreve said. “ I love it and it’s a great opportunity.”

“ Being a part of the downtown music scene is a time to meet different people who haven’t heard me before and now people have the choice of checking out three live bands within a couple of blocks,” DeGreve said.

DeGreve plays solo Monday thru Friday during Happy Hour and on Friday and Saturday nights with his band, Night Fire.

“ Were halfway through a new record, and that’s pretty exciting,” DeGreve said of the band.

Night Fire covers a lot of musical ground with classic rock, dance music, and covers from the Rolling Stones, Santana, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. It also draws from its own material.

“ We do country, and things like Garth but we’re trying to lean towards our originals,” DeGreve said.

He said he was lucky, privileged, and blessed to work for Paul Smith, the late owner of the Hitching Post for almost three decades.

Smith passed away in April of 2006.

“ I treasure all of that time we worked together,” DeGreve said. “I’m grateful and thankful to the people who supported us all those years.”

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