December Feature Artist: Michael DeGreve
by Dyzzi Baker GNP Report

I'm sure most of you readers have enjoyed the music of some of these hot 80's bands at one time or another; Ratt, Jackyl, Firehouse, Poison, Sebastian Back,Dokken or even Warrant, Queensryche, Triumph, Tesla or maybe a little Lita Ford. How many of you have gotten an opportunity to not only listen to them or see them in concert, but to actually perform on stage with them. May I introduce Michael De Greve who not only loves that 80's rock and roll, he performs it and has been on stage with many of these original artists at venues such as Rocklahoma 2008 this past July in Pryor, Oklahoma as a special guest of one of his newest fans, President and GM of the Rocklahoma Music Festival, Mark Nuessle.

With the release of his first album, Gypsy's Lament, a new chapter begins in the musical career of singer/songwriter Michael De Greve.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Michael grew up in the turbulent and musically rich 1960's in Southern California, influenced by the times and the sounds of the era. Bands like the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, and the Doors were making their mark in Los Angeles and the world.

A high school basketball star, Michael was working in the L.A. Times editorial department, occasionally doing pop reviews in the late '60s, before deciding on a full time career in music in 1968; and has been playing ever since!

He played in several bands and most of the clubs in Los Angeles and began his recording career as a member of "Truth", produced by former Motown V.P. Mickey Stevenson for People Records.

Over the years, Michael has performed with and opened for some of rock music's finest, including Neil Young, Donovan, Dave Mason and Asleep at the Wheel.

On Gypsy's Lament, friends and musical giants such as Graham Nash, Randy Meisner,formerly of the Eagles, David Lindley, and Leland Sklar all lend their talents.

Michael has enjoyed great success with his music and in 1992 released his second album, "Live at the Hitch". This second album is Michael in his pursuit form or by today's terminology his Michael De Greve "unplugged" album.

For almost thirty years, Michael lived on his ranch in southern Wyoming, performing throughout the Rocky Mountain area. Today, we are fortunate enough to have Michael living right here in our own backyard in a new home he and his longtime girlfriend, Kris Reitinger, were blessed to find near Bloomer, Wisconsin.

Michael is currently performing LIVE five nights a week at Pine Drive Bar and Grill in nearby Holcombe. Where he says he and Kris have felt blessed to have met so many friendly, and incredible people that they decided to make Wisconsin their new home.

When at home, Michael is in his recording studio, which is now under new construction as they just moved into their new place this past November and are still busy putting everything in it's place, (like Kris's many boxes of boots.) While in studio, Michael is spending his free time writing and working on his third album. This album will be more of Michael's all new and yet unreleased songs along with some favorites that to date have only been performed during his live shows.

"I just love people and getting the party going," said Michael. " It's great doing what we do, ya know Dyzzi? I never really wanted to do anything else but make music and make people happy while doing it." On a side note; girlfriend Kris also performs and the crowds at Pine Drive have been treated to a duo by this talented couple on several occasions. " Michael is really a true performer, he knows how to not only sing and play some great music, he knows how to get and keep the crowd going." stated Kris.

The next time you're wondering what to do on a Wednesday thru Sunday night, I encourage you to check out this awesome musician and vocal performer at Pine Drive in Holcombe. You won't regret you did. Check out his website at By the way, check out this picture of him marrying, yes, marrying the original Ozzy and Harriet ( remember that show anyone?) With all this great history you will not only hear some fantastic music during his shows, you will be treated to many stories of life that will surely bring back memories for some of you and create new ones for others.

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