Dave Mason and I
by Michael DeGreve

When David Smith ( The Bear ) and I first were hanging out in Hollywood in 1968, playing music together, having adventures together, listening to music together and getting our first band together, there were a few records and bands that we listened to daily. The Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, The Who, The Moody Blues to name a few. And Traffic! Stevie Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood, and Dave Mason!

Dave Mason was one of my favorite singer/songwriters. Dave wrote "Feelin' Alright" on that first Traffic record he was on, along with many other of my favorite songs in Traffic.

A couple years later, he recorded one of my all time favorite records, Alone Together. I loved that record! Dave was also the second guitar player on Jimi Hendrix's classic, All Along The Watchtower. He had a huge hit with " We Just Disagree", written by Jim Krueger. He's had an amazing career. If you haven't before, check out his music.

I ended up meeting Dave Mason in 1986, when I was asked to open up for him at the Cheyenne Civic Center. Jim Krueger was playing guitar with him at the time. It was a magical night. I actually went back to the Hitching Post later that night to jam, and Dave came by. Got to spend some great time with him that night. Great memories.

Some experiences stay with you. This was one of them.

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